2015 Isuzu D-Max – Changes

Completely redesigned Isuzu D-Max 2014, enabled the company to return to the U.S. market with attractive pick up truck model. However, the best sales results this model is recorded in the territory of India. For this reason, the Japanese manufacturer decided that 2015 Isuzu D-Max first present the local customers. Collaboration with General Motors is not suspended. But extremely strong competition both domestic and foreign pickup trucks models in the U.S. market, however not allowed D-Max model to be among the first.

2015 Isuzu D-Max – Features

2015 Isuzu D-Max has experienced very little change and improvement. The biggest shortcoming 2014 D-Max is in the field of aerodynamics however remains not changed. The company has offered a new D-Max 2015 with increased cabin space. And as another novelty is the introduction of a new engine, but only on the Thai market.

All new Isuzu D-Max 2015 will be offered in three versions, with two sizes of cabin and two deck options. The novelty is the 2015 Isuzu D-Max Space Cab model that provides an additional 1.5 feet cabin space. And nothing significant  is different from its predecessors or Single Cab models. Fans of D-Max vehicles though, would rather see upgraded interior materials quality. Especially competitors in the U.S. market have a dose of sophisticated luxury and the interior of the best D-Max models always look like a pale copy compared to them.

2015 Isuzu D-Max

2.5 L turbo diesel engine with two turbochargers will run, and the model in 2015. This engine was first introduced in 2014 D-Max model. This pickup truck has made fantastic 20% more horsepower and 40% more torque. Equipped with this engine the 2015 Isuzu D-Max delivers 163 horses at 3600 rpm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, powered by two or all four wheels. D-Max model is not designed for high speed driving, racing or off-road driving. Aerodynamics is not stronger side, and performance that has been a result of the turbocharger. Smaller works at low mode, a larger at higher regime. Average fuel consumption of this model is 8.5 liters per 100 km.

The new engine, which the company announced is diesel engine, the volume of 1.9L. The goal of Isuzu company is that D-Max model makes lighter and cheaper, which will affect its performance. So far, this model has found a large number of customers in the markets of Australia, India and Thailand. At a price equal to last year’s, $ 35,520 for the Double Cab model, and $ 46,080 for Space Cab model, Isuzu D-Max 2015 will soon be released.

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