2015 Toyota Sequoia – Redesign

Unbelievers are silent, and fans Toyota Sequoia models are relieved. The rumors about the abolition of this model were proven to be false. On the other hand, there were rumors of a redesign for the 2014 model MY. Somehow, it was expected that along with the Toyota Tundra model, and Sequoia SUV model, goes through a process of redesign. However, Sequoia 2014 has remained unchanged. At the same time, models of competitive automobile manufacturers have gone through a process of redesign and improvement. That is why the 2015 Toyota Sequoia arrived to market with a new design and improved systems.

Toyota Sequoia is a very popular full-size SUV model, on the US market, where is present from 2001. This is the first full-size SUV model, any Japanese car manufacturer, who appeared on the American soil. Until now sold in extremely large number of copies. It has become one of the most popular model among American buyers. Reason for that are great features, performance and dimensions of vehicles, which provide a nice space inside the vehicle. In addition, the Sequoia is a model with a high fuel economy. This vehicle is known for its most powerful engine in the class, the AWD drive system and excellent suspension.

2015 Toyota Sequoia

2015 Toyota Sequoia – Specs

For excellent performance Sequoia SUV model great credit goes to the strong, reliable, and economical engines. 2015 Toyota Sequoia possess a V8 engine capacity of 5.7 liters. It develops extraordinary 381 hp and 400 lb-ft. of torque. With a powerful engine, a solid economy and exceptional roominess, this model is imposed as an excellent choice of any large family. Suitable for long journeys, comfortable and safe, this full-size SUV, every trip turns into a party. In addition, driving in off-road conditions,  is no problem for this vehicle. The most inaccessible areas, harsh weather conditions and heavy obstacles in the way, 2015 Sequoia will overcome without problems.

As a representative of the third generation, 2015 Toyota Sequoia is more modern and more contemporary than its predecessor. New technologies and modern systems, classified this vehicle in top models in its class. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with a large number of facilities and systems, to assist in steering the vehicle. Some of the systems that are on the list of standard equipment are: DVD navigation system with Laser Control Cruiser, 9-inch LCD screen, wireless headphones, etc … The vehicle has 8 very comfortable seats, which are placed in 3 rows. Folding the second and third rows, we get a huge cargo space. Such a benefit can be used by those who, vehicle serves for the transportation or carrying out other work.

2015 Toyota Sequoia – Price

Although it is one of the leading models in the class, 2015 Toyota Sequoia, not refuse customers with a high price tag. Price for 2015 Toyota Sequoia SR5 is $ 44.395. 2015 Toyota Sequoia Limited  is priced on $53,355, while 2015 Toyota Sequoia Platinum model costs $61,095. Compared to what the vehicle offers, we can say that the price is extremely attractive.

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