2015 Toyota Tacoma – Release Date and Price

2015 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck is designed for lifting heavy objects and cargo transport. To make the vehicle respond to all tasks, it is extremely important power, driving and towing capacity. Finally, an important role in the success of a vehicle has a fuel economy. For this reason, Toyota has announced improvements and modernization of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma model. Competition in the market pickup truck models is extremely high. Because the company is prepared advancing Tacoma models in all segments.

In order to justify the confidence of customers and reputation, the company has invested substantial resources and a lot of effort for the advancement of the vehicle. In addition to Tacoma models, the company is prepared for advancing and Toyota Tundra full-size pickup truck model. The main competitors of Toyota trucks, the US market, will be the Ford F-Series and GM models of the company.

2015 Tacoma

Many parts of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma models will be made ​​of aluminum and carbon fiber. This reduces the overall weight of the vehicle and thus increases the cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The new design will affect the aerodynamics, which also affects the reduction of fuel consumption. For improvement vehicle performance, in charge is an upgraded engine with a new transmission.

2015 Toyota Tacoma will be produced only in versions with Access Cab and Double Cab. The company has decided to stop producing model with the Single Cab. The reason for this is opinion  that the two versions offered meet the needs and demands of customers in the cab of the vehicle.

2015 Toyota Tacoma – New Engine

2015 Tacoma will feature a new 2.0 L four-cylinder turbo engine with direct fuel injection. This engine is characterized by continuously variable valve timing, direct fuel injection and seamless cylinder deactivation. He needs to confront Ford’s EcoBoost engines and EcoTech 3 engines for GM. The new engine will not be offered in conjunction with the eight-speed transmission. It will be offered with a new six-speed transmission. Toyota engineers believe that this combination is more effective and economical. The new engine, with a six-speed transmission, will provide an average fuel consumption of 32 mpg.

2015 Toyota Tacoma

2015 Toyota Tacoma – Redesign

Toyota launched Tacoma TRD Pro version. This version introduces a new design of 2015 Toyota Tacoma models. In addition to design changes, improvements engines and transmissions, the new Tacoma model will offer a number of improvements. The new model comes with a revised interior, and improved management systems. Significantly improved, 2015 Toyota Tacoma, will be available in early 2015. Price of this, great pickup truck models, will amount to about $ 20,000.

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