2015 VW Amarok – Specs and Release

Until 2010, it was hard to connect, Volkswagen company with a pickup truck model. By putting the Amarok model on the market, this incompatibility soon disappeared, almost as if it never existed. VW offered the market at all unique urban truck. Significant changes in appearance and equipment Amarok model is expected in 2016. While many hope 2016 VW Amarok model with V6 engine, it probably will not happen. The aim of the company is in fact, a new engine less volume and better performance. Emptiness, known to us as the 2015 MY, the company will fulfill the with the special editions. 2015 VW Amarok will be available in several new trims. Although each edition for itself special, 2015 VW Amarok will retain the basic characteristics of the base model.

2015 VW Amarok Highline

The current top bid, makes 2015 VW Amarok Highline. This top-spec trim characterized accessories that includes bi-xenon headlights. Highline model also has numerous chrome details on the front of the vehicle. What is common for this model as well as all future editions, is the engine that drives 2015 VW Amarok. It is a 2.0 L turbocharged diesel engine. With 177 hp at 4000 rpm, 420 Nm at 1750 rpm. Amarok consumes 8.3L per 100 km and has CO2 emissions of 219 g/km. Although there is no down-and-dirty ability of their pickup truck competitors, the traditional standard 4WD option, the possibility of VW Amarok truck are in compliance of its urban style. The engine is paired with the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.

2015 VW Amarok Ultimate Specs

At the beginning of 2015 in some markets will appear two more special editions 2015 VW Amarok model. The first is a 2015 VW Amarok Ultimate. This model on the UK market will be available in limited numbers in 2015. Based on the Highline model, the Ultimate version will be available in six different colors exterior. Natural Grey, Candy White, Starlight Blue, Reflex Silver, Deep Black and Toffee Brown. What distinguishes Ultimate model, the company is striving to display the pickup truck more like a car. This was achieved with xenon lights, more safety equipment and daytime running lights. Also the model is equipped with standard in-car tech, which includes satellite navigation, smart phone, folding and heated wing mirrors, ParkPilot system and reversing camera.

2015 VW Amarok Ultimate

2015 VW Amarok Canyon is already launched and so far there are 60 copies of orders, produced and sold. Next Amarok Canyon delivery model will be the beginning of 2015. This model is characterized factory fitted running boards, as well as unique leather seats and special trim. The price of 2015 VW Amarok Canyon model ranges around $ 70,000.

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