2016 Audi Q6 – New SUV

From Audi’s factory in Mexico, will arrive next generation Q5 SUV model. The new Q5 will appear in 2016, and after him, in the same factory starts production of new Audi SUV model. It is the 2016 Audi Q6 SUV model, which will be based on a new generation of smaller Q5 model.

New Q6 SUV is conceived as a coupe version of the larger Audi Q7 SUV. It will share powertrain with a new generation Q5 and also have been announced and more powerful version with special equipment packages. More precisely, Audi announced the S and RS versions of the new model Q6.

2016 Audi Q6 sketch

2016 Audi Q6 coupe will be a competitor to the new generation of BMW X6 models, and the new Mercedes’ GLE Coupe. Just because of that, the new Q6 has no right to a mistake. Vehicle design is inspired by Crosslane Coupe concept, which was presented in Paris 2012. The vehicle is characterized by narrow light clusters and a large radiator grille. A large number of vehicle parts will be manufactured from modern and advanced materials. This causes a lower overall weight of the vehicle. The interior of the Audi models is still at a very high level. There is no reason to doubt the quality and exceptional interior design of the new Q6. In accordance with the latest trends, it is expected and superb styling, of the same.

Following previous announcements, the company intended two petrol and two diesel engines for 2016 Audi Q6 SUV. Power range, offered aggregates ranges from 177 hp to 272 hp. The specification is not published in full, as well as information on the drive units for S Q6 and Q6 RS versions. As a standard operating system, the 2016 Audi Q6 will have a 4×4.

2016 Audi Q6 – Release Date and Price

On the European market, 2016 Audi Q6 will be available at a cost of about 43,000 euros. This is projected price for the standard version, while the S and RS versions will cost more. Although the new Q6 scheduled for the end of 2016, it is hard to believe that it will appear on the market before 2017. The new generation of Q5 models, arriving in mid-2016. If we consider that the new Q5 is the basis for the development of Q6 models, it is clear that 2017, is more realistic option.

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