2016 BMW X1- Release Date

One of the models of the BMW X family, which is experiencing an exceptional expansion of is BMW X1 model. Still have not cooled down passion about a new model for 2015, and the company has already announced the next generation. Its representative  will be the 2016 BMW X1 model, which will appear in mid to late 2015. The brand new edition, with a complete redesign, 2016 X1 will write a new page in the development of this model.

2016 BMW X1 – Changes

The new X1 will be significantly different from the current model. Current form of large station wagon, will be replaced by the true form of SUV models. The vehicle will be placed on the new UKL platform. It supports both options drive, FWD and AWD. AWD system is made ​​possible thanks to a Haldex-style multi-plate clutch setup. The new platform allows you to change size and weight of the vehicle. Vehicle weight will be reduced by about 100 kg. Vehicle dimensions will also be less than the dimensions of the current model. Despite this, the cabin space has been increased. As a possibility, it is mentioned model with extended wheelbase. This model will get a third row seat. The tendency of companies is that 2016 BMW X1, become a crossover SAV (Sports Activity Sport) model, excellent performance and driveability.

2016 BMW X1 side view

A new generation of X1 models will be used for the development of the BMW X2 models. Many believe that the X2 is more dynamic version of the X1 model. It will be designed with three doors, unlike the X1 model, which will continue to be conceived as a vehicle with 5 doors. BMW X2 will have room for four passengers. Something similar, BMW company has done with the X5 and X6 SUVs.

 2016 BMW X1 – Engine

A new generation of X1 models will be equipped with a powertrain from the model series 2 Active Tourer. The offer will be extended with plug-in hybrid model. 2016 BMW X1 Plug-in Hybrid will possess a 1.5 L gasoline engine, electric motor and lithium-ion batteries. The total power of the hybrid system is 190 hp. The petrol engine will transmit its power to the front wheels, while the rear drive wheels will be an electric charge. The autonomy of the vehicle, on the electric drive is about 30 km.

2016 BMW X1 rear view

2016 BMW X1 will offer a wide range of engines. The selection is made ​​up of several of excellent petrol and turbo-diesel engines. For US market, BMW is intended for models with the new four-cylinder petrol engines, 2.0-liter from the B48 series. The first version delivers 231 hp and 350 Nm, while the second, somewhat weaker version, has a 184 hp and 270 Nm of torque. Range of petrol engines makes the three-cylinder 1.5 L engine with 136 hp and 220 Nm of torque.

Range of diesel engines, also consists of two four-cylinder and one engine with three cylinders. Three-cylinder engine with 1.5 liters and develops 116 hp. The four-cylinder diesel engines are 2.0 liter. The first delivers 150 hp and the other 184 hp output. As a treat on offer a new generation of X1 model distinguishes the 2016 BMW X1 M28i and 2016 BMW X1 M models. First reaches a power of 313 hp, while the X1 M delivers whole 375 hp, thanks to the four-cylinder 2.0 L engine.

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