2016 Ford Expedition – Changes

2016 Ford Expedition, could bring a new, higher level of improvement compared to the 2015 model year. The 2015 Expedition passed through process improvements, but many believe that this full-size SUV deserves more. The current model is on the market since September 2014. It was promoted too, but is still considered as a ” dinosaur model ”. The company’s luxury version of the Expedition model is Lincoln Navigator model. Announced redesign, reducing weight and increasing efficiency and economy, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator, open the possibility that the 2016 Expedition pass the same treatment.

The different needs of customers, cause different reactions to the design and performance of the vehicle. Those who use the vehicle to the full extent, are satisfied with his strength, size, and the possibility of transport of 8 passengers in three rows of seats. This group of customers do not mind slightly lower level of aesthetics of the vehicle. On the other hand, buyers whose full-size SUV perceived as a status symbol, require aesthetically sleek, stylish and powerful SUV. Changes and improvements, which are characterized model for 2015 MY, putting it ahead of competing models of GM companies, Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban models. But to be maintained superiority over the competition, 2016 Ford Expedition, will have to offer more appealing and modern design.

2016 Ford Expedition

2016 Ford Expedition – Specs

Constant scheme will be present in the model, for the year 2016. Namely Expedition offers a version with two different wheelbase, 119” and 131”. For each of the four trim levels, are available for both versions of the wheelbase. 2015 Expedition was offered a new, Platinum trim level. It represents the top-of-the- line on offer. 2016 Ford Expedition will also be available with all equipment levels, as well as the current model.

Model for MY 2016 will possess a high level of equipment as well as standard. It will be equipped with Ford’s latest technology systems. On the list of equipment will be available: Sync with MyFord Touch, cross traffic alert, Blind Spot Information System, and Continuously controlled damping with three mods comfort, normal and sport. This last system, for the first time possesses some of Ford models. Namely model for 2015 is the first model from Ford game, with this system. So far, this system was reserved for models of Lincoln brand.

The most positive criticism on account 2015 Expedition models, were related to the change of the drive unit. The new engine from Ford’s EcoBoost family, replaced previously a 5.4 L V8 engine. Great fuel economy problem, finally solved. Like the current model, the 2016 Ford Expedition will run 3.6 L V6 EcoBoost engine. It develops 365 hp and 420 lb.-ft. of torque. In combination with the six-speed Select-Shift automatic transmission, while the standard rear-wheel drive. Of course, the Expedition offers AWD, but as an option. This engine is well proven and is appreciated, with some other company’s models. The same engine used Lincoln Navigator and Ford F-150 models.

Price of 2016 Expedition

Price of models for MY 2016, will not significantly differ from the current price of the model. As a reminder, the base price Expedition XLT model is $ 43.390. For those with deeper pockets, reserved the top model, Platinum Expedition EL. It is sold at a price of $ 60.600. Small correction in prices, for 2016 Ford Expedition, can be caused by the increased cost of vehicle production.

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