2016 Ford Super Chief

Yet in 2006, the company unveiled the Ford Super Chief concept that is based on the F-250 pickup truck model. Almost a decade since its launch, this concept has attracted great attention of both the media and the public. As a vehicle of the future with unusual design, the Super Chief recalled the legendary train Train of the Stars. The appearance of 2015 Ford F-150 Atlas concept, raised new questions regarding Ford Super Chief. Many agree that the 2016 Ford Super Chief, is already a reality and that it could expect its serial production.

There are several reasons to support the speculation about mass production. The Ford F-250 Super Chief is made of aluminum. Atlas concept is going the same way, and the result is a new generation F-150 pickup truck models with base and aluminum parts. Also, the design of these two concepts have many similarities. On the other hand, the markets are already represented serial models that use a drive power of the future, as well as the Ford Super Chief.

2016 Ford Super Chief – Design

When in 2006 introduced this concept to the forefront is ‘surfaced’ its unusual design. In addition, it was made of aluminum, characterized by a striking front fascia design, which is reminiscent of the design of Santa Fe Railway locomotive. All design features Super Chief pickup truck was ‘taken over’ Ford F-150 Atlas concept. The vehicle cab has elements of F-Series with King Ranch trims. New systems, technological achievements, outstanding design and inherent operating system, would seem serial 2016 Ford Super Chief, the most prestigious vehicle to date.


Ford F-250 Super Chief was presented with a special Tri-Flex Fuel system. Then it seemed that the drive of vehicles on hydrogen or E85 ethanol, possible only for 30-50 years. However, many car manufacturers are developing their vehicles that use this type of fuel. Such vehicles will save the planet from greenhouse gas emissions and prolong her life. One such model is the Toyota Mirai, which was recently introduced. It is FCV model that uses fuel cells as the driving fuel. The emission of harmful gases such vehicles is 0%. This should launch the Ford company in order to offer the Super Chief and model so all fans realize dreams and fulfill wishes.

As we already mentioned Mirai Toyota FCV and its propulsion system for a fuel cell, also refers to the Tri-Flex Fuel system, with the 2016 Ford Super Chief. The name of this system suggests the use of three types of fuel. These are hydrogen, E85 ethanol or gasoline. It is expected that the production version to be equipped with the same engine as the concept. It is a 6.8-liter SOHC 30-valve V10 engine with 550 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. Due to the possibility of using all three types of fuel at the same time, with a full tank, 2016 Ford Super Chief could cross the 500 miles. Regardless of the high horsepower and a top speed of 180 mph, the use of hydrogen increases fuel efficiency by over 12% compared to gasoline drive.

2016 Ford Super Chief rear

The market is willing to wholeheartedly accept the 2016 Ford Super Chief. This Tri-Flex pickup truck would quickly found their new owners, who have developed an awareness of the preservation of the planet. On the other hand, Ford is a company that has proven to successfully deal with all the challenges and requirements of all markets and innovative solutions. That is quite possible that future vehicles will soon become a reality, and that in the future to be more of these vehicles that will enable our planet ‘breathes fullest’.

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