2016 Ford Super Duty – Changes

The first test specimens of 2016 Ford Super Duty pickup truck, were observed  even in March 2014. On several occasions, photographers have tried in various ways to find out, from which the material is made up of structures of the new generation Super Duty trucks. It is established that the Ford made into artwork aluminum technology with this model too. But soon all eyes were fixed on the unfortunate event during a test drive.

2016 Ford Super Duty on fire

While testing the 2016 Super Duty in Death Valley in California, the vehicle caught fire. This is not the first case that something like this happens. And, perhaps would not have been covered by the media, that observers were not saw off the by the end of the whole event. In fact, after a few minutes, while the 2016 Ford Super Duty was completely in flames, on the asphalt was left absolutely nothing. New Ford F-Series Super Duty burning to the ground. Does this unfortunate event will leave a mark on the further development of the prototype vehicles? And will this “shocking” images affect the sales of 2016 Super Duty, over the next year, we’ll just see!

2016 Ford Super Duty – Redesign

According to many, Ford is without much special announcement began working on a complete redesign of the F-series Super Duty for 2016 MY. Also out of nowhere began to encounter the test vehicles, the F-250 and F-350 pickup trucks. Given that the 2015 Ford Super Duty continued in the old style, a redesign was entirely expected. It  will reach the market during 2015 . A current model is still on the old platform, the F-series, made ​​of stainless steel. And this powerful, working truck still runs a 6.7 L Power Stroke diesel engine.

Ford F-series Super Duty

A new generation of Super Duty models will again be closely associated with the F-150 model. First of all, for the reason that, in the manufacture of construction will be used aluminum platform and aluminum body-panels. 2016 Ford Super Duty was announced in a press release like this. 2016 Super Duty pickups will have beefier frames and more powerful engines. Vastly higher cargo and towing ratings would be the behemoths of the road-going pickup trick.

Except aluminum construction, which is the basis for Ford’s F-Series, the new Super Duty trucks will take something else from the base model. Cab interior, as well as of interior design, will be modeled on the 2015 Ford F-150 model. The specification of the model, which is represented by the audience, and the beginning of the sale and not so far away, is not yet known. After the passion calm, troubled by recent events, we would expect that Ford uncover model and inform the public with new and improved 2016 Ford Super Duty pickup truck model.

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