2016 Honda Pilot – Release Date and Price

2016 Honda Pilot will be the representative of the third generation of this popular SUV model. The company is not significantly changed the design of this three-row SUV for a long time. The current model is a member of the second generation, which is present on the market since 2009. Great expectations were related to model 2015 MY. However, the company offered the 2015 Honda Pilot Special Edition. This one is not made ​​any progress in the design or performance. With him is only expanded the range of models, and brings only upgraded trim level. However, the 2016 Honda Pilot, should bring many changes and improvements.

2016 Honda Pilot – Changes

A new generation of vehicles, is based on the Acura MDX SUV model 2013 MY. With this model, the company has shifted the boundaries and set new standards in the segment SUV with three rows of seats. Although MDX model is a luxury version of the Pilot model, they will share its underpinnings. 2016 Honda Pilot will have a larger wheelbase compared to the models of the second generation. Also, the new Pilot will take design solutions of the Acura MDX model. The new line of vehicles and modern solutions in interior design will give the vehicle a new dimension. Roof line, the new model is longer. This indicates a greater comfort and greater space inside the vehicle. The front and rear parts of the vehicle are changed, as well, a form of lighting groups. The new look of the vehicle will satisfy customers who are not in full, satisfied boxy appearance Pilot models. Although the design of the vehicle substantially altered, is hard to expect that the 2016 Honda Pilot get the look sporty coupe SUV models. Although this trend more and more streamlined, Honda Pilot would not be what it is, with such a design.

2016 Honda Pilot

The interior of the vehicle is substantially modernized and upgraded. Stylish design control panel, high quality materials and well positioned LCD screen, give a dose of luxury. Easier access to the back row seats is also an improvement. Was not notified which of the systems and facilities will offer 2016 Pilot model. It is believed that a large number of advanced system will be taken from the Acura MDX model. That all is not so great, took care some critics. They believe that the new Pilot went a step backward interior design. It is a solution, a conventional gear selector, which spoils all-out excellent impression of the vehicle.

2016 Honda Pilot – Specs

The current model, for the 2015 MYon offer is the only one powertrain option. It is a 3.5 L V6 engine with 290 hp and 267 lb-ft. of torque. Models with FWD drive system, have CVT, while the AWD models have a 6-speed automatic transmission. With this engine, the combination of engine, transmission and drive systems, Honda Pilot provides exceptional performance. However, many believe that the expansion of the range of the engine, with the 2016 Honda Pilot models, was the right move. There are indications that the new Pilot model, will take over from the MDX model, the Super Handling AWD with rear-axle torque-vectoring. Also, it is possible to expect a 2016 Pilot with a ZF 9-speed transmission.

To the first showing, the new generation Pilot model, there’s still plenty of time. This time the company will use on the best possible way. We can expect a large number of improvements and innovations, as well as offer new powertrain. In the fall of 2015, the company will introduce this model. Then we will get the answers to all the questions. We hope that the company is ready to meet all the expectations and demands of customers. This family SUV model, excellent performance and abilities,  is very popular because of its attractive price. The base model, for the 2015 MY,  is sold at a price of $ 30.700. It is expected that the price for the 2016 Honda Pilot SUV, will be within the price of the current model.

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