2016 Jaguar SUV – News and Release

Jaguar company has decided to increase the annual sales of its models at more than 200,000 copies. If not before, this goal could be reached in 2016. Then the serial 2016 Jaguar SUV will go on sale. The company is hoping to just 90% of new customers will be the future owners of the new Jaguar sports crossover.

2016 Jaguar C-X17 Concept

The new 2016 Jaguar SUV will be based on the concept version C-X17. 4.7 m long, although slightly higher than the concept,  a company called this SUV as sports crossover. The basis of this vehicle will form aluminum platform of XE compact sedan. Dynamism and agility are the main features. Reduced weight of the vehicle provides better performance. New Jaguar SUV will have a total mass of 1600 kg. Porsche Macan is the highest possible competitor 2016 Jaguar SUV model. On similar recipe, and Macan model uses aluminum for the construction, but the Macan with its 1865 kg, is significantly heavier than Jaguar’s C-X17 model. Although the very platform provides drive to the rear wheels, off-road capability this SUV will take from Land Rover models. AWD can be expected as an option.

2016 Jaguar SUV - C-X17 Concept

2016 Jaguar SUV – Features

First of all 2016 Jaguar SUV C-X17 we can call an innovative model. In fact, from the very beginning it is intended for younger buyers. Design and performance should satisfy the desires of today. In this regard, this one SUV already has the advantage over the Porsche Macan model. Coupe design, which is becoming more prevalent for crossover vehicles, will not affect on the spaciousness of Jaguar’s newcomers. In addition, the management and all the benefits it provided, should fully justify the badge, which will be marked.

New turbo petrol and diesel engines, called Ingenium, are designed for drive units of this vehicle. These are four-cylinder engines with high efficiency. Although the specification is not yet available, the company stated that for the beginning of an important fact reduced CO2 emissions. The amount below 99 g / km CO2 in the SUV, is certainly significant.

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