2016 Mercedes GLC – Redesign and Release

2016 Mercedes GLC arrives in the second half of 2015. New design, new dimensions and improved performance, make GLC inherent SUV model. New GLC SUV is completely redesigned, formerly GLK model. The Mercedes-Benz company has renamed a large number of its vehicles. So far GLK SUV became GLC SUV.

2016 GLC is based on the latest generation C-Class vehicles. Beyond the platform, GLC SUV of the sedan model C-Class took and interior, as well as the drive unit. The new generation of models in the right-hand-drive configuration, for the first time on the market. Thus, the sale will be expanded into new markets, primarily in the UK market, as well as the markets of India and Australia.

2016 Mercedes GLC render

2016 Mercedes GLC – Design and Specs

Thanks to the longer wheelbase, GLC 2016 has considerably more space inside the vehicle. This provide passengers much more comfort. By dimensions, the new SUV is bigger than the previous model GLK. The exterior appearance of the vehicle gives much sportier style. The design of the whole body is more rounded. The front and rear of the vehicle suffered aesthetic adjustments, and roof line goes towards the back. All improvements and benefits of the new C-Class, are transferred to the interior of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC. The interior is now far more stylish than ever.

The new design provides better aerodynamics to vehicle, which affects the efficiency and economy. In addition to design, to increase fuel economy will also affect the choice of a new engine. Due to supply the global market, 2016 Mercedes GLC will have a wide range of engines. The palette will form the engines of the current GLK SUV, as well as new engines. The four-cylinder 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 241 hp and 273 lb.-ft of torque, which is located in the base version of the GLK, will continue to be in operation. Also, the previous 2.1-liter turbo diesel engine will be available at the 2016 model. In addition, on offer will be a 3.0-liter V6 engine with 329 hp and 354 lb.-ft. of torque. The new range of engines should improve hitherto EPA rating of 19/25 mpg.


The company also announced a high performance version of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC63 AMG. This model will be equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine with 469 hp and 479 lb.-ft. of torque. It is planned to offer, more powerful version of the S63 sport, which should deliver 503 hp and 516 lb.-ft. In addition to these athletes, has been announced 2016 Mercedes GLC Plug-In Hybrid. All of these models will be available on the market, some time later, respectively, during 2016.

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