2016 RAM Dakota – Redesign and Release Date

By 2016, the market will appear the new 2016 RAM Dakota pickup truck model. The company has high expectations regarding this vehicle. Specifically, it is expected that this mid-size pickup truck take precedence in its class, the US market. Us remind that lately, models of Japanese manufacturers, hold primacy in the American continent.

2016 RAM Dakota is a model of outstanding performance and ‘lifestyle truck’ characteristics. This model is popular under the name ‘Baby RAM’, because many people consider it, as less powerful version of the pickup truck models in the brand. The new Dakota will be designed on the model of two concept models. These are the Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco and the Jeep Gladiator Concept. Unfortunately, these two great concepts are not entered into production.

2016 RAM Dakota

2016 RAM Dakota – New Design

In the segment of mid-size pickup truck models, at the US market is dominated by models of Japanese manufacturers. The leaders are models of Nissan and Toyota companies. It is extremely disconcerting to the American vehicle manufacturers. We know that these models reflect the image of the American way of life. However, Ford and Chrysler companies do not have to offer a vehicle in this category, the US market. For this reason, the RAM company has decided to start production  2016 RAM Dakota models. Also, there are indications that the US market returns and the 2015 Ford Ranger model.

2016 RAM Dakota is considered the successor to the Dodge Dakota model. This model has gone through numerous improvements and upgrades. It’s happened that he has reached the size of the RAM 1500 model and has grown the category mid-size pickup truck models. The above-mentioned concepts and available tiser point to an entirely new design 2016 Dakota models. It will feature an aggressive front end, a modern and contemporary design and a new platform. It is mentioned that this model will be placed on the platform, a model of the Jeep range. Production will take place in Mexico, in the city of Toluca. The beginning of sales, 2016 RAM Dakota model, is scheduled to begin in 2016.

Confirmation that this model will belong to the segment of mid-size pickup truck models came from officials RAM company. The Fred Diaz said that the 2016 RAM Dakota will be able to tow; it just will not be able to tow your house.

2016 RAM Dakota – Engine and mpg

Has not yet been officially announced the specifications for this model. However, the company’s goal is to provide a 2016 RAM Dakota model, EPA rating of 30 mpg. With stylish design, good aerodynamics and the use of lightweight materials, the goal is realistic. Dodge Dakota model is known for its strong and reliable four-cylinder V6 engine. Expectations are that this tradition continues. In addition, there are indications that it will expand your range of engines with some of the diesel engines, which are available in the Jeep Grand Cherokee model.

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