2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Changes

Many agree with the statement that the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser is the best so far. The level of equipment, enhanced off-road capability and modern design make it an almost perfect vehicle. Nevertheless, the company has decided to offer a set of improvements for the 2016 model. The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 will be upgraded, and its promotion is expected during the summer of 2015. When will the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 facelift show up at dealerships, has not yet been specified.

Toyota has promoted the improvement of their models in the previous period. Great attention was drawn upgraded crossover SUV and pickup truck models. Through a process of improvement, passed the Toyota Prado, Lexus LX570 models, and introduced a brand new 2016 Toyota Hilux pickup. Earlier, was presented a new 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck model. In addition to these models, the company unveiled the hybrid version of the RAV4 SUV. After all these models, the company announced a modernized 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 changes

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Facelift

The company did not publish the full list of changes and advancement of the new model. However, the available photos of the new model, in which the noticeable changes in vehicle design. 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 gets changed design front grille with new lights, different front bumper and a new hood. The last portion of the vehicle received minor design changes. The rear bumper will be restyled as well as tail lights. In addition, the new Land Cruiser V8 receives and aluminum wheels amended design.

Facelift of the vehicle also includes interior. 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 will adorn the new design of the instrument panel and center console. Expected and new interior trims, as well as a large number of chrome details. This SUV is an excellent combination of off-road capability, on-road comfort and a refined and modern design.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 interior

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Specs

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is offered with different drive units for different markets. For customers in the US market, is available the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser V8, with the 5.7-liter V8 petrol engine, which develops 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. of torque. European buyers is available, a model with 4.5-liter D-4D V8 diesel engine with 286 horsepower.

By the end of 2015, it is expected presentation of 2016 Land Cruiser Hybrid model. Wider specification of this model was not disclosed. However, there is no doubt that this model will be remarkable. Specifically, Toyota offers models with this type of drive, and feedback is exceptional. 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser with a hybrid propulsion system could significantly increase fuel economy and reduce emissions. From past experiences, related to models with hybrid drive, it should be expected as effective and powerful model.

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