2016 Toyota Venza – Changes

2016 Toyota Venza is a mid-size crossover SUV of the Japanese car manufacturer. In Toyota’s SUV lineup it is located between the smaller Toyota RAV4, and larger Highlander models. Design changes and improvements of features and performance, are not foreseen for 2016 model. 2016 Toyota Venza will be sold unchanged compared to the current model.

2016 Toyota Venza – Discontinued

Toyota company has officially announced the cessation of production Venza SUV models. The production of this mid-size crossover SUV will cease in June, 2015. All production units will be sold as a 2016 Toyota Venza. The company plans to sell the stock of vehicles by 2017, and then Venza SUV goes down in history. After the announcement of the company, for this model has no plans to direct successor.

Considering that the place of production and the existence of the Venza SUV certain, the company will not invest in this vehicle. Thus, by the end of supply on the market, 2016 Toyota Venza will be sold without any change compared to the 2015 model.

2016 Toyota Venza

2009, when it appeared on the market, this SUV was nicely accepted. It was characterized by the spaciousness and comfort of MPV models and characteristics of an SUV. However, the company has invested more in the RAV4 SUV. Although the same configuration, 2 row SUV, which accommodates five passengers, Venza and RAV4 are quite different. Quality craftsmanship and quality materials for the interior are on the side of RAV4 models. However, many fans Venza models will have to regret for. The 2016 Toyota Venza is offered with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, combined with AWD. This engine provides exceptional strength and great performance vehicle, but it is equally small, fuel consumer as well as the four-cylinder engine in the RAV4.

However, the company’s decision to abolish the model is final, and the reason for this has. While the company has invested in the Toyota RAV4, Venza SUV has stagnated. During that time, competing models left him far behind, and sales dropped drastically. Sales declined to such an extent that the company this model is not viable. Likewise, the company does not intend to invest in the development of a new generation of vehicles.

2016 Toyota Venza interior

2016 Toyota Venza – Specs and Price

The current model is offered in three versions, LE, XLE and Limited. Since between the current model and the 2016 model is no difference, the offer will be the same. With each trim level the company offers a wide list of standard equipment.

There will be two drives. The first is a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine with 181 horsepower and 182 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine is offered with a 6-speed automatic transmission, while buyers can opt for the version with FWD or AWD. 2016 Toyota Venza LE with FWD has a starting price of $ 29.975.

Already mentioned, 3.5-liter V6 engine delivers 268 horsepower and 246 lb.-ft. of torque. EPA rating versions of this engine and AWD is 20 city/26 hwy mpg, and from 0 to 60 mph arrives in 6.7 seconds. 2016 Toyota Venza Limited with this engine and AWD has a cost of $ 41,000.

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