2016 VW Polo SUV

Volkswagen company will expand the range of SUV models, with new 2016 VW Polo SUV. A new project is underway, and the presentation of the concept version is forthcoming. Although it was expected that the concept version to be presented at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the company unveiled a second concept car, VW T-ROC. This concept indicates the direction of design development SUVs, VW company. Sure, some solutions will be taken for the design of the new Polo SUV model.

2016 VW Polo SUV – Design

2016 VW Polo SUV will be based on the primary VW Polo model. This move is logical, because it is the best-selling compact model of the company. Many features will be transferred to the SUV model. The vehicle will be posted on VW MQB platform, as well as a new generation base, Polo model. The design of the vehicle should unite all the ideas seen near the VW T-ROC and Cross Coupe Concept model. MQB platform provides a vehicle length of 4,180 mm, which is 100 mm shorter than the VW Tiguan SUV model. The look of the vehicle, showing the new design direction of the company. A dynamic, attractive, with pronounced wheel arches, 2016 Polo SUV gives the impression of a true off-road vehicle. However, this model will be mostly urban crossover.

2016 VW Polo SUV

It is assumed that sales of this model, the company will bring expected profit. Consequently, Polo SUV which will be offered on the US market, clearly reveals the company’s plans. On the other hand, the company will have to make extra efforts due to the different demands of customers in the European market and the US market.

Engine Options

Offer Because of to various world markets, is expected to be a wide range of propulsion units. To meet all customer requirements, the company will offer different options for the choice of engines. A big role plays, and fuel economy. It is assumed that the base VW Polo SUV model, will be equipped with one-liter and two-liter TDI and TSI from the family. The power of these engines ranging from 90 hp to 185 hp. With these engines is planned for a manual and automatic transmissions. Possibility of 7-speed dual-clutch transmission will be available as an option. Top deals will form 2016 VW Polo R SUV model. It should posses the engine from VW Golf GTI model. It is a four-cylinder 2.2 liter with 220 hp. R model will have a two wheel drive, while AWD will be an option.

Price of VW Polo SUV

The biggest competitors are the new VW SUV model, will be the Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka and MINI Countryman models. As far as performance and quality, 2016 VW Polo SUV, will certainly be an equal rival to these models. There remains only the question of price. Some information suggests a price of 20,000 euros. It is, apparently, the price for the base model, designed for the European market. Price and specification model for other markets, especially for the US market, are still not known.

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