2017 Ford Bronco – Concept and Rumors

Official information on the 2017 Ford Bronco model no. Nonetheless, attention, attracted this model is huge. Similarly, interest in this legendary SUV is not slowing down. Since it was shown Bronco Concept at the NAIAS in Detroit, in 2004, the legend lives again. True enthusiasts of SUV models, eagerly await the decision of the Ford company about the fate of this model. If a company decides to return this model into production, will have to seriously, to calculate volume of production.

Ford Bronco SUV is the first model in this category, the company has placed on the market. Production of this ‘legend’ began in 1966 and lasted for 30 years. From the very beginning, Bronco SUV had two doors. In its 30 years of existence, was very popular and well-selling model. However, trends in the automotive industry have changed and dictated a different design and concept SUV. So the Ford Expedition succeeded Bronco model. It was conceived as a full-size SUV with four doors. However, the Ford Bronco is still popular and never forgotten.

2017 Ford Bronco - Concept 2004

Ford Bronco Concept

Ford company has decided to make a study of the new Bronco models, and in that way see the reaction of the audience. That shows Ford Bronco Concept 2004. The reactions of the audience were remarkable. Many enthusiastically watched this model. After excellent reviews from the audience, it was expected that Bronco SUV enters into production. However, it’s been more than 10 years of showing concept model and information from the company is still missing.

Ford Bronco Concept is presented in the form of a two-door with an old boxy design of the bodywork. Though this design was rejected at the end of the last century, many manufacturers are pushing back such a design. Many models with such a design of the body is successfully selling and very popular. These data are rather optimistic in appearance 2017 Ford Bronco series model.

The concept version was presented with a four-cylinder 2.0-liter intercooled turbo diesel engine. In combination with a 6-speed PowerShift manual transmission and Intelligent AWD system, the vehicle develops 128 horsepower at 4,400 rpm and 244 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,800 rpm. However, serial 2017 Ford Bronco will be offered on the US market, and there is little chance that it will posses this engine.

2017 Ford Bronco Concept

2017 Ford Bronco – Possible Engine Options

A large number of SUV and pickup truck models, the Ford company, are equipped with the engines of new generation. In most cases, these engines are from the EcoBoost family. These engines are highly efficient and economical. With a smaller volume, engine delivers higher output power. 2017 Ford Bronco is a candidate to be equipped with some of these engines.

As an option, it’s possible the engines used by the popular Ford F-150 pickup truck model. These are the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost engine with 365 hp and 420 lb.-ft. of torque, and a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 360 hp and 380 lb.-ft. of torque. Of the possible diesel engines, it is mentioned only 4.5-liter diesel engine.

However, if the realization of production version comes, it’ll be a sensation and undoubtedly successful comeback of the legendary model.

2017 Ford Bronco – Release Date

Considering that Ford has not given any official statement in connection with the production of this model, it is difficult to predict the possible release date. If the 2017 Ford Bronco gets ‘green light’ to start production, will not be available before the second half of 2016. The serial model, or just wishful thinking and dreams?

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