2017 Lincoln Navigator – Luxury SUV of New Generation

Although Lincoln Navigator belongs to the class of luxury SUVs, and is a status symbol, its design is considered obsolete. Model for 2015 is only slightly refreshed, but it was not enough to get into the race with competing models on the prestigious US market. Full-size SUV models, other automakers are significantly upgraded and fulfill the wishes and expectations of customers. For this reason, the company is preparing a redesign of the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator model. The new model will be available in the market during 2016, and all the changes and improvements, will help him to return to the old path of glory, and take its rightful place. The new, redesigned Navigator, will also be a representative of a new generation of this top model.

 2017 Lincoln Navigator – Changes

Lincoln company is a branch of Ford company, which is in charge for making luxury models. Bearing this in mind, it is clear that all of the innovations and technical improvements, which use Ford models, use and Lincoln company for its vehicles. When the Ford company decided to create a model with an aluminum body, many were in disbelief. For this project, the company has served icon, F-150 model. This move proved to be a hit. Claims that nothing is strong as steel, are dispersed. The use of aluminum, the car is much lightweight, improved the performance. In addition, the vehicle not lost any of its power and abilities. This way, will start the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator. The use of aluminum will reduce overall vehicle weight by approximately 700 pounds. In this way, the new Navigator will be much more efficient and economical in fuel consumption.


The first step towards the improvement of efficiency, already has been made. The Navigator 2015 MY, replaced the old V8 engine, the new 3.5 L V6 EcoBoost engine. The new engine is significantly reduced fuel consumption. In addition, the vehicle has excellent performance. It is almost certain, that the 2017 Navigator, will possess the new EcoBoost engine. What can attract more customers is the possibility of offer models with hybrid drive. In fact, there has been speculation, that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator, will be offered in a version with hybrid drive. The hybrid system would seem, mention EcoBoost engine, fueled by electric motor. As a special innovation, is mentioned the new 10-speed automatic transmission.

When the 2017 Lincoln Navigator appears on the market, will have a tough task ahead of him. In fact, its main competitors will be the new Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GL-class, as well as a new gem from BMW’s collection, X7 model. Be sure that the main advantages, the new Navigator, will be a redesign, reduced weight and better performance. Each of, these great models, has a trump card. For which customers will decide, it remains to be seen.

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