2018 Jeep Pickup Truck News

Jeep company is prepping a mid-size pick-up for 2018, and this novelty, in the words of many, has been expected, since 2005. In fact, it is the last time Jeep introduced a concept pickup model. Then, it seemed that production will commence immediately. However, thirty years Jeep has not offered market modern pickup truck, after a multitude of civilian and military models. According to the FCA, 2018 Jeep Pickup Truck will take the best of all predecessors. It will be based on Jeep Wrangler, and it is undergoing anticipation of the green light, in order to find on the market, already in the first half of 2018.

2018 Jeep Pickup Truck - J12 Concept

In the last fifteen years, Jeep has unveiled three concept truck models. In 2003 Jeep Scrambler – small pickup truck, 2005 Jeep Gladiator and 2012 Jeep J12, based on a modified Wrangler chassis. Of these three, Jeep Gladiator concept has left the biggest impression on the audience. In addition to the name that was revived after many years, Gladiator concept does not have much in common with models that were produced from 1962 until 1988.

Jeep Gladiator Concept

The Gladiator concept from 2005 was based on the RAM 1500 platform. This full-size pickup truck was equipped with a 2.8 L, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine that provides 165 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. Concept features an open-air canvas roof, removable doors, an expandable truck bed and a fold-down windshield. Unlike Gladiator Concept , the 2018 Jeep Pickup Truck will be based on the Wrangler model. If the new generation Jeep Wrangler will be largely of aluminum, similar recipe, will be applied to new pickup truck. Concept from 2005, was a full-size pickup, while the announced 2018 Jeep Pickup will belong to the group of mid-size model.

2018 Jeep Pickup - Gladiator Concept

2018 Jeep Pickup

New 2018 Jeep Pickup, whose name is not yet known, will share many parts with the new generation Wrangler models. Such as suspension and powertrain components. This news caused great excitement for fans of the Jeep brand and those who have long await truck with the Jeep logo. In addition to name many details are still  unknown for now . Besides the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, expects us Wrangler based 2018 Jeep Truck in versions with two or four doors. Drive units, specifications and price will become  public later.

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