2018 Land Rover Defender – Redesign

The idea of cheaper Defender model, intended for 2016MY , is simply not accepted. Presented DC100 concept would not be appropriate replace, for one of the two most durable off-road vehicles in the world. In this segment, there is very little competition. It consist Mercedes G-Class and Defender model. Land Rover Defender is considered as the giant of the automotive industry. Been on the market since 1948. Until this day, very little has been done in the field of its design. Fans will have to wait until 2018 to the next generation Defender. Although the 2018 Land Rover Defender in the early stages of development, about this model is already known  a large part of the specification. Better than ever, intended for all and not just off-road enthusiasts.

2018 Land Rover Defender Release Date

Now it does not matter at all for what reason the introduction of the new Defender postponed several times. Some say the problem with security systems, other emissions, and the third indecision regarding design solutions. Either way, the presentation of 2018 Land Rover Defender will likely coincide with beautiful and great jubilee, 70 years of existence Defender model.

2018 Land Rover Defender changes

Prestigious US market has more reason for the same elation forward to 2018. Since 1997, Land Rover Defender is not sold in America. By now even the unofficial information, this could be changed. Due to the complete redesign of this powerful off-road SUV, the company does not have to worry about sales results. Return of 2018 Land Rover Defender in the US, would be of great importance both for the company and for the model itself.

2018 Defender Changes and Specs

2018 Land Rover Defender, code-named L663, will be placed on a new platform dubbed Du7. It consists of two subframes, which are attached to the light unibody. New Defender, heavily updated, will keep rough ride. The new platform will enable a large number of variations of design. Offer from 2018 Defender shall consist of five models. Multiply body-types: short wheel base, long-wheel base, pickup and open top will attract more customers different demands. From pure utility to luxury version of new Defender. There will be two-door SWB with a metal top, two-door SWB with a soft top, a four-door LWB with a metal top, two-door SWB pickup, and a four-door LWB pickup.

Operating units that will be responsible for initiating the 2018 Defender SUV are also known. These are JLR’s Ingenium engines volume 2.0 L and 3.0 L. Two petrol engines 2.0 L four-cylinder one of which has 180 hp and 240 hp others. Two diesel engines with 2.0 L four-cylinder with outputs of 150 hp and 180 hp. The fifth engine offered is the 3.0 liter V6 engine, which will replace the hitherto V8. It possesses a power of 300 hp and like the other four will be combined with one of two transmissions. Six-speed manual, and nine-speed automatic transmission with locking differential and low range transfer.

The off-roading icon will again be truly capable for every way, situation and overcoming obstacles. The company plans to 2018 Land Rover Defender products in at least 30,000 copies a year. Of course, if demand is greater, and the manufacturing process will be adapted to the needs of the market.

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