Alfa Romeo SUV 2016 – Release Date

Alfa Romeo SUV 2016, is being developed under the codename ”Project 949”, and according to some speculation, could take the name of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cross. The company introduced the serial 4c model , and in June 2015, will debut a new Giulia. Alfa Romeo SUV 2016 MY, could be introduced already, at the beginning of 2016.

Otherwise, these models are beginning of realization of plans Fiat Chrysler Group Automobiles. Part of this plan is to launch eight new models, the Alfa Romeo brand. The plan should to be realized by 2018, and the goal is to increase sales. The company plans to achieve sales of 400,000 vehicles per year, mostly in the US market and the market of China.

Alfa Romeo SUV 2016

Alfa Romeo SUV 2016 – Specs

Production Alfa Romeo SUV 2016 model, will be carried out in Cassino plant in Italy. The vehicle will be sized as the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 models, which will be the biggest competitors in the market. New Alfa SUV is based on Giorgio platform with the rear-wheel drive. This platform was developed by Maserati. However, the company announced a version with a 4×4. What company particularly emphasizes are “advanced, innovative engines, impressive power/weight and distinctive Italian design”. Alfa Romeo SUV should become the best vehicle with the rear, and drive to all four wheels, “industrialized in Italy”.

There is much speculation about the powertrain for this SUV. The vehicle should get the new V6 diesel engine. However, there is information that the engines for the Alfa’s SUV, will develop a Ferrari. It is mentioned gamma of new petrol and diesel units, with four and six cylinders. Top version with a diesel engine should deliver 350 hp, while the most powerful petrol engine delivering, a full 500 hp.

In addition to this SUV model, which could carry the name Giulietta Cross, Alfa Romeo has announced yet another crossover SUV model. It will appear later, and will be larger than the announced Alfa Romeo SUV 2016. And it will be available in versions with the rear-wheel drive, and the drive to all four wheels.

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