Hyundai Intrado Concept

2014, at the Geneva Auto Show, Hyundai Motors has unveiled Hyundai Intrado Concept. This model represents the company’s vision of mobility vehicles for future generations, and a new design language – Fluidic sculpture. The company, with this represents an excellent combination of advanced technologies and intelligent design.

Hyundai Intrado – Design

Hyundai Intrado is, basically, a sporty, compact crossover SUV model. It is designed for four passengers. Doors are, without B-pillar. It largely facilitates entry and exit from the vehicle. The vehicle has a specific shape, which is striving toward an ideal aerodynamics. The design, the front end of the vehicle, characterized by a prominent radiator grille and windshield, which is placed under large angles. The vehicle is dominated by muscular wheel arches and plastic elements of the body. On the back side is stand, the lights in the shape of the letter C. Otherwise, the whole back end of the vehicle is specifically rounded. The interior of the vehicle is specially designed in order to provide a high level of usability and easy handling. The entire cabin is designed very sporty. It is dominated sport steering wheel, information and entertainment system and a digital instrument groups. The center console is made of carbon fiber.

Hyundai Intrado

Body panels are made of super light but extremely solid, steel plate. This,’s lightweight structure, makes Hyundai Intrado very easy to manage. On the other hand, the vehicle is strong and easy to repair. The central structure of the vehicle frame is made of carbon fiber. Strong and light central structure, enables the body panels are made of different materials. In this way, the designer is given an opportunity of flexibility.

Hyundai Intrado Concept 2014 Geneva

Hyundai Intrado model launches next-generation powertrain. This engine uses fuel cells as fuel, used by Li-Ion battery of 36 kWh. Hydrogen tanks are mounted under the rear seats and under the floor of the trunk. Filling of the tanks only takes a few minutes. The range of movement, Intrado Hyundai SUV models, is 600 km. In addition, the vehicle produces no emissions. The low weight of the vehicle, great performance and increased efficiency of the powertrain,  allow Intrado to offer more agile driving dynamics.

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