Luxurious 2017 Range Rover Release Date

Lately, we have witnessed a growing trend of buying SUVs. However, car manufacturers believe that there is a need for ultra-luxury models in this segment. Thus, the whole story, rising to a higher level. According to the latest information, one of these models will be Luxurious 2017 Range Rover. It will appear in the market during the year 2016. It will represent the top version of the Range Rover SUV.

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Bentley has introduced Bentayga, ultra luxury SUV. Immediately followed announcements and other automakers. The Rolls-Royce announced Cullinan SUV, BMW announced Luxurious X7 SUV, while the Cadillac Escalade will have the V version of its best-selling SUV. Also, previously was known Lamborghini brand desire to offer its Urus SUV. It does not end the story at all. Also were announced the Aston Martin SUV, Borgward SUV, Maybach SUV. And Mercedes-Benz has announced a new ultra-luxury SUV, in response to the Bentley Bentayga  and Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Luxurious 2017 Range Rover will have a really fierce competition in the new segment, the ultra-luxury SUV.

Luxurious 2017 Range Rover SVA

Luxurious 2017 Range Rover Specs

For the development and production of this model, is in charge Special Vehicle Operations Division, Jaguar Land Rover company. In a statement the company, Luxurious 2017 Range Rover was announced as “the ultimate Range Rover.” The new model will take place over the current Range Rover SVAutobiography with a longer wheelbase, the company offers. Will feature three rows of seats, and the interior will be modified and upgraded. Of course, making the interior are projected premium materials, leather, wood, carbon fiber, and a large dose of chrome decorations and details. The vehicle will offer a large number of different options for personalization. Customers will have a large selection of unique colors for the exterior of the vehicle.

Jaguar-Land Rover the company has not announced which engines will be found in  offer. However, there is no doubt that the new Luxurious 2017 Range Rover will be a beast, to stand shoulder to shoulder with the already mentioned models from other car manufacturers in this segment. Ultra luxury vehicle involves a high price, that prospective buyers will have to pay. According to preliminary announcements, the price for Luxurious 2017 Range Rover will amount to About 200,000 £.

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