Luxurious 2018 BMW X7 Release

Still in 2014, BMW announced that will expand the offering in the SUV segment, with the largest and the most luxurious X7 model. Recently the news came that in the offer will be included and Luxurious 2018 BMW X7 SUV. This high-end version of BMW X7 model will be a future competitor to Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV model. As standard X7, and Luxurious 2018 BMW X7 will arrive during 2017 or early 2018.

In order to expand production capacity to 450,000 vehicles a year, BMW announced that it would invest one billion US dollars in the expansion of capacities in Spartanburg plant in the USA. That factory will produce and future X7 and Luxury X7  models. Among other things, the company announced that the 2018 BMW X7 will be a competitor to Mercedes GL SUV model, which is a redesigned version of the current GL models. The main markets, where they will sell BMW X7 are the US, China and Russia. The company plans to produce about 50,000 units annually.

Luxurious 2018 BMW X7

Luxurious 2018 BMW X7 Specs

From the standard version, Luxurious 2018 BMW X7 will vary by design, the level of equipment, but also the number of seats for passengers. As stated, this ultra luxury version will have room for only four passengers. The second line will be only two individual seats. The vehicle will feature a luxurious interior, as well as the same quality seats with heating and ventilation system. Also, the seats will possess the function of massage. Rear-seat passengers will be able to enjoy the entertainment system, which is intended to them. Thus, this ultra luxury X7 will be true competitor an upcoming Mercedes-Maybach GLS model.

The new BMW X7 will feature components of aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber. That will be accomplished goal of the company related to this model. That’s the reduced weight of vehicle. The 2018 BMW X7 will share components with the next-generation 7 Series. However, states that it also have in common components and with the future Rolls-Royce SUV model.

Like all other models in the BMW offerings, and X7 will offer a wide selection of operating units. Depending on the market, where it will be represented, will be different and the drivetrain. What is certain, customers in the market of Europe will be offered a version with a 6.0-liter V12 petrol engine. In the BMW 760i model, this engine develops 550 horsepower and 554 lb.-ft. of torque. In addition to conventional engines, the offer will be the version of the hybrid drive system. As for Luxurious 2018 BMW X7 model, the company has not issued a statement about its powertrain. However, in accordance with the luxury that brings this model, expected and high-performance engine. What is known from earlier, it is that all versions X7 models have an 8-speed automatic transmission and AWD as standard.

Luxurios 2018 BMW X7 Price

Standard X7 will have fierce competition in the Audi Q7, Mercedes GLS, Infiniti QX80, Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade models. Accordingly, many have tried to predict the price of the new model. According to some prognosis, the price of the base 2018 BMW X7 will be $ 60,000, while the top version could cost the entire $ 130,000. The company did not indicated a possible price for Luxurios 2018 BMW X7. Bearing in mind the dose of luxury that this model brings, it will not be surprising if its price exceeds $ 150,000.

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